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Waitara Railway Preservation Society Inc.

Waitara Road Station

The Ta Hora Station at its new site at our Waitara Road Yards


Members at Ta Hora Station at Ta Hora, which is on the SOL line. We went out to site the station to verify whether it is worth our while to apply for funding to resite the building at our Waitara Road yards.


Platform sealed, undercoat completed the station is looking so much better now.


Colin, had the privilage of unveiling of the name board on the station to celebrate our ten years of operation.


With the platform waiting for the completion we see one of the members applying the undercoat. The inside is just about completed at this stage.


A private excursion for the New Plymouth Lioness having a smoko break at the Waitara Road Station.


Urenui Lions gave these under privilaged people a day out which included a trip on the train.

With the train stopping at the Waitara Road Station for a hot or cold drinks and with eats. Our passengers enjoy the break and a look in the station and the photos in side.